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Donnatal makes DEA Exempt Prescription Products List

Released on October 8, 2013, PBM Pharmaceutical has been granted exemption status for Donnatal (Belladonna Alkaloids and Phenobarbital). The prescription drug, with the NDC 66213-0425, has made the DEA’s Exempt Prescription Products list. The exemption list includes three forms of Donnatal, including Donnatal Elixir, Donnatal Elixir -Mint and Donnatal Tablets.

Short term supply constraints on Donnatal® Extentabs

Due to production issues there will be short term supply constraints on Donnatal® Extentabs. Both Donnatal® Tablets and Donnatal® Elixir are still available to prescribe to your patients as an alternative therapy until Donnatal® Extentabs once again become available.

Great news for IBS patients. Donnatal® is still available.

Regulatory actions over the past 15 months have resulted in generic phenobarbital and belladonna alkaloid (PBA) products no longer being manufactured.

Generic PBA products may no longer be available at a patient’s preferred pharmacy.
Donnatal® brand products are available and in stock at all major US wholesalers.

Donnatal® Tablets 100s 66213-0425-10 1425727 3274925 103984
Donnatal® Tablets 1000s 66213-0425-11 1425743 3274917 115175
Donnatal® Elixir Mint 4oz 66213-0422-04 1193739 3274974 128381
Donnatal® Elixir Mint 16oz 66213-0422-16 1193929 3274941 128389
Donnatal® Elixir Grape 4oz 66213-0423-04 1385491 3667490 104005
Donnatal® Elixir Grape 16oz 66213-0423-16 1386994 3667508 104012

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